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Sun Salutation

Sun Salutation is a sequence of movements that we can do with our body during yoga practices. When we do this sequence, we do not only contemplate the sun that shines in the sky and generates so much life on our planet but we also awaken our inner sun, our LIGHT✨

The sun salutation is a sequence of postures that connect to each other through the rhythm of breathing and this provides us with a quality of mindfulness from movement to movement. It is a dynamic series in which we move from one posture to another in the interval of just one breath, but this breath must be slow, deep and effortless.

Here are some of the many benefits of Sun Salutation:

☀️Connects breathing and movement

☀️ Bring awareness to practice, body and breathing

☀️Heats your muscles

☀️Strengthens and releases body tensions

☀️Increases blood circulation

☀️Can increase cardiovascular work which benefits the heart

☀️Calm and focus the mind

☀️Energizes the entire system

☀️Purifies the body

☀️Bring us back to the present moment


There are many variations of Sun Salutation. Be attentive and make any changes your body needs. The movements must happen easily and the breath is what dictates the rhythm of the practice. We must perform the sequence effortlessly and in harmony so that mind, body and breath are in alignment. Breathing is nasal and preferably practicing Ujjayi breathing.

The greatest of all the treasures that the sun salutation brings us is: to teach us how to move from moment to moment with presence. With presence to live one day at a time, presence to enjoy each moment to the fullest, to walk in life more slowly, taking one step at a time, with patience. This brings us a peace that is priceless.

Learn from me how to move from moment to moment. Let us contemplate the sun, and allow it remove the darkness that prevents us from seeing the splendor of our own essence.



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